Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And now a message from one of our sponsors...

What's happenin', mayne? It's ya boi, Fiddy, announcing the launch of the latest in our G-Unit ladies (and some fellas) line, G-Unit Dildos. For the lady out there who lives the G-Unit lifestyle, these dildos are gonna teach all them other jealous bitches out there how to stunt.

Our G-Unit dildos come in three distinct sizes:

Curtis, for those out there who only need "jus' a l'il bit".

Next we have "The Magic Stick", for those who want to go to the candy shop, and have a taste of the lollipop.

And finally, "The Massacre" for those times when you don't wanna take your panties off, but just pull 'em to the side.

Just take it from our Chairman and CEO, Mr. G-Unit himself, 50 Cent:
Niggas thinkin' they gon' merk Fifty, how,
when we got guns the size of L'il Bow Wow?

G-Unit Dildos... Shawty I got what you need, when you need to feel a bzzzzzzzzzz...

We salute G-Unit Adult Products, yet another proud sponsor of M.I.B.S.

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