Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Spit Hot Fiyah... (Hot Sausage, GET FAMILIAR!!!)

Recognize dat boy, Hot Sausage!! Eli Porter, he's coming for ya! This is destined to be an internet classic.


I invented da hot sausage with cheese and gravy,
With lettuce on the side, I be keep it.. be real..
Remember the days we used to fry the french fries, and eat a l'il ketchup and eat a little mus' (mustard)
I'm hot sausage, I keep it real
I keep it gutta
I keep it faithful,
Lil hot sausage, lil hot sausage, lil hot sausage, pimp dis out, looklooklooklooklook
[Indecipherable, but it sounds like, "You remember dat", or sum ol' Creole ish.]
"You remember dat"(??)
l'il hot sauage out the 3rd ward,
l'il hot sausage out the 4th ward,
lil hot sausage out the 5th ward
lil hot sausage out the 6th ward
lil hot sausage out the 7th ward
lil hot sausage out the 8th ward
the hot sosh' out the 9th ward
the hot sausage out the 10th ward
Who? Lil hot sausage.
Where? Lil hot sausage.
Now? Lil hot sausage.
There she go! Lil hot sausage.
Lil hot sausage hit,
lil hot sausage bounce,
lil hot sausage twerk.
lil hot sausage bwoi i'm... (Ooh!)
lil hot sausage bwoi you yeah..
hot sausage boy you yeah.
Brut (Put) grease on it.
Put cheese on it.
Ooh...lil hot sausage
lil hot sausage
lil hot sausage
[Indecipherable, sounds like, "Gimme that look." or some ol' Jamaican shyt. Buyaka! Buyaka! Blo!!! Either that or "You remember dat" again.. which sounds more likely, I guess, but it's just funnier to include some Jamaica ish.]
A lot of fat niggas, they like to eat hot sausage.
300 lb niggas like to eat hot sausage.
250 lb like to eat hot sausage.
150 lb like to eat smoke sausage.
It's hot sausage it's smoke sausage, it's cold sausage, it's warm sausage.

2nd verse (continued)

lil hot sausage. See there?
You see the numbers? Look at it. You messin' with that, I don't care who you is.
We represent.
this number speaks, for itself.
You know why.
I'm the best... the tenth (!!!??) alive... L'il hot sausage.
Now he keep it real, he keep it life (like?)
Walk, she shake, she gutta with it.
Lil hot sausage
Lil hot sausage
Lil hot sausage
Lil hot sausage
Dat's Bonose tv, Hot Sausage.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Censorship As Art...

Yes, you read right, Censorship AS art, and not "Censorship of Art" as i'm sure you're all no doubt accustomed to seeing.


Hell of an idea, this. Shout out to, the PORN blog, for showing it to me first.

(WARNING: Link is NSFW-- Not Safe For Work, in case you couldn't tell.)


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quote of the Day...

Batman Begins/The Dark Knight
director Christopher Nolan

"Nolan sums up his hypocritical approach to Batman nicely by saying he would never do The Penguin because he feels the character is too unrealistic for his world. A big fat capital FUCK....YOU!!! You're telling me that bullshit acid trip fucking Scarecrow crock of shit was realistic?!! You hypocritical, boring, talentless FUCK!! You can't pick and choose whatever the fuck you want to be considered "REALISTIC". The Penguin is a fucking criminal kingpin. The depiction of him as a deformed creature was entirely Burton's creation. You're telling me a short fat fucking criminal boss is too unrealistic for your world Nolan?!! EAT AIDS YOU PATHETIC CUNT!!"

A poster from "Ain't It Cool News", talking about Christopher Nolan's decision to never use The Penguin in his bat-flicks. (Which is actually news to me, but anyhoo...)


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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just Cuz I Feel Like It...

My Favorite Video of All Time, by my Favorite Group of All Time

dpz, RBG's stand up. Heh, can you believe they actually played this on BET? Post 9/11, this almost looks like footage stolen from an insurgent training camp. Ha. Love the African martial arts segments.

And for my dpz fans out there, they have a new album called "Information Age" that should be out in November. (Around election time, coincidentally enough. I'll have something to space out to while celebrating the inauguration of Obama's presidency.:^J) Here's what's funny. I'm signed up for their mailing list, but I had to go to Wikipedia to even find out about this. C'mon, guys. You should have someone who's on stuff like this.

dead prez The Columbia
Records site that seems to never get updated, and is for all practical purposes broken. Still good for a few pics, some other stuff. (Are they even still *With* Columbia?) The site for DP'z indy label, "Boss Up Records", that has, to date, *NO* mention of a new album. C'mon, y'all.


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Trick Daddy vs. Plies

There was a post on "That Bitch's" Rhymes With Snitch awhile back about a supposed altercation between Trick Daddy and Plies. Mysteriously, there's been little to no more mention of said incident. I was starting to wonder if it was only a rumor. However, I couldn't help but notice that on a recent video from World Hip Hop Trick has a few choice comments for his fellow Florida mc. And also, do remember Trick recently left Slip-N-Slide to form his own "Dunk Riders" label.

Now, i'm not saying this proves the rumor about the fight, but it certainly does lend it more credibility. The vibe i'm getting is that the vet Slip-N-Slide frontman, Trick takes except to young up 'n' comer Plies taking what was once his spot as the label's golden boy. The plot thickens.


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Friday, June 6, 2008

Open Letter to Cory Gunz's Record Label *

Cory Gunz is generating/will continue to generate significant buzz due to his appearance on Lil Wayne's Carter 3. (HUGE props to Wayne, can't say this enough, for putting Young Gunna on wax with him. Not a lot of mc's who'd even do that; help the next man get on, especially somebody who so willfully almost murders you on your own ish.) Gunz killed it on here. One of the rules of power states that you never outshine the master. But Gunz takes no prisoners on this track and pretty much hijacks it from Wayne. (He can't help it; he's just nice as a mofo.) Now would be the perfect time to prep "The Commencement", his first official studio album, for release. Don't squander the opportunity like Atlantic did with Saigon. (When he got the role on Entourage, the album should've been lined up and ready to go.) Look at the buzz CG has generated. And remember, this is just with those who are net savvy enough to have already heard the song. There's quite a few people who still haven't. Just wait until the album comes out, and layfans hear young Cor mass murder the track. That's the kind of publicity you just can't buy.

And he goes in again, with Jadakiss, and murders it again.

Put the man out, please. You like money, don't you? Yah, I thought so. It'd be the perfect opportunity to piggy back Wayne's success, and would guarantee Gunz at least a gold album, which would be enough to at least get his foot in the door. Once people hear his talent, the rest will be easy.

Will it be done? I doubt it.

But man I been sayin...

* As far as I know, Cory recently announced he'd left Def Jam, so I don't know who has him signed now. If he's a free agent, someone, ANYBODY!!!, step in, sign him and put out the album. Or hell, maybe he could just put it out independent. Probably be a smarter move anyway. Just put the album out, A.S.A.P. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity here.


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