Monday, June 18, 2007

The MIBS Lexicon

The MIBS Lexicon

Coming from Alabama With It- ( Expression) An expression used to describe when a well-endowed man engages in sexual intercourse with a woman.

Variation: Please note that this expression can be used with almost any other location, relative to the user's location. For example, someone from Mississippi can say, "He banged her out, and he was coming from Alabama with it.", but a person from Alabama would not use Alabama, as it would denote he isn't coming from very far at all.

See: Kneecapping it, Ream

Go to the Mattress- (v.) (Expr.) 1. Used to describe an instance where you will utilize every means at your disposal to attack, destroy or otherwise subdue an opponent.

Ex.: I had a dumb bitch recently run a stop sign, causing me to collide into her with my '98 Taurus. Then, she had the audacity to get an attitude with me about it, like I was the one who made her run the stop sign. Luckily, there was very little damage to my car, so I didn't want to get the courts involved, but I swear ta Gawd, had there been ONE dent on my korr (bay area pronunciation of car) i'da went to the mattress on that ho.

2. As relates to a female, this one also has an alternate use. Used to describe an instance where you will utilize every means at your disposal to lace, cake or otherwise give money/gifts to a woman. "Going to the mattress", as it relates to a woman, means the woman is so fine that you'd literally go to your mattress (Back in "the old days" old folk kept their money between their mattresses-- To Hell With Banks!!!) to keep her laced up with money and nice things.

Ex.: Goddam, Pinky from is fine. I'd go to the mattress for that chick.

"I'll let it go."- (v.) (Expr.) Used when you have a gun, and you're not afraid to pull the trigger.

Origin- This one has it's origins in a conversation I had with a cousin of mines. We were talking about which rappers had the most violent names in the game. He mentioned to me a guy he saw named "Trigger", (Trigga?) and on the cover of his album he's pointing a gun directly at you. And the name of his album... you guessed it-- "I'll Let It Go". Man, now is that some gansta shit, or is that some gansta shit? This one won the contest, hands down.

Variation: Feel free to invoke the name of the god of gansta rap, "Trigga" when you say this one. Also, please note that delivery is everything. Try saying the "I'll" part a little slow, then speed up as you say, "Let it go".

Ex.: I'ma do like Trigga, nigga. I'll let it go.

N.C.H.S. (n.) - An acronym, meaning, bluntly, a "Nigga Can't Have Shit". It is used to describe the moments when, well, a black man is racially discriminated against, or otherwise encounters difficulty in life associated with his race.

Ex.: James did not receive the small business loan he was hoping for from the bank. Damn, guess a N.C.H.S.

Kneecapping it- (v.) Used to describe a man who is so well-endowed, his "unit" almost reaches to his kneecap, or lower.

Ream (v.)- The act of penetrating or being penetrated sexually, typically in a very skillful or thorough manner. While usually performed by one who is well-endowed; however any man is capable of reaming a chick out, while, conversely, any female is capable of being reamed out.)

Variation: Reamed out, Reaming out

Ex.: Shaqueesha got reamed out by Slim last week.

Slim won't leave ya nothin'-( Expr.) Slim is a generic term for any man who is especially well-endowed. (NO HOMO for all the references to well-endowed men in the Lexicon.) This expression is used to describe a condition where a well-endowed man reams out a woman so thoroughly, that whatever semblance she had of vaginal walls are obliterated and her next sexual partner will inevitably garner little to no pleasure from sexual conference with her.

Variation: Slim didn't leave ya nothin', etc.

Ex.: Don't let Slim get his hands on ya girl, because Slim ain't gonna leave ya nothin'.

"I'll take her to the show."-( Expr.) This is an expression used, interestingly enough, as a gauge to decide how attractive the woman (or man) on your arm is. If you would "take him/her to the show", it means that you aren't ashamed to be seen with her/him in public.

Variation: "You'll take her to the show?", posed as a question.

Ex.: Real conversation i've had:
A friend:"How fine would you say she is?"
Me:"She a'ight."
Him:"Do you think she's tight?"
Me:"She a'ight."
Him:"But you'll take her to the show, though, wouldn't you?"
Me:(Thinking)"Yeah, a'ight, I guess i'd take her to the show."
Him:"I know, you damn right you would. Hell yeah i'd take her to the show."

"That's my nigga, I smoke blunts with him."-( Expr.) This expression is frequently used by marijuana smokers to denote someone the smoker is friends with. There is no more powerful bond with a marijuana smoker than someone who is willing to indulge in smoking with them. This forms a bond that will last the rest of both smokers' lives. Many smokers typically lack long term enough memories to describe any real qualities about a person, yet oddly enough possess astounding memories in terms of the particular dates on which they've smoked weed and the persons they've smoked with on said dates. So when you ask them about a person's character, this is, more often than not, the response you'll get. If it is a person who has not smoked weed with the pot smoker in question, be wary of them at all costs. This one is to be used 'tongue-in-cheek'ly by non-smokers (or casual smokers) to denote anyone that person is good friends with, or anyone in particular a person likes.


"Who's he?"
"Who, him?"
"Yeah, who's that guy?"
"Oh, he cool people. That's my nigga, I smoked blunts with him."

Yay long -( Expr.) This expression is used ironically, to describe a thing that is not very long. (Note, this expression is used in conjunction with the hands, which are held out in front of the speaker, pointer fingers extended, typically five inches apart or less.) One of the common uses for this expression is to describe a man who is not well-endowed.

Ex.: She left her last boyfriend because he was about yay long.

Yay short -( Expr.) This expression is used ironically, to describe something that is very long. (Note, this expression is used in conjunction with the hands, which are held out in front of the speaker, pointer fingers extended, roughly twelve inches apart or more.) One of the common uses for this expression is to describe a man who is extremely well-endowed.

Ex: Slim won't leave ya nuthin' when he hits, because he's about yay short.

See: Yay long.

"You couldn'tve did that if we was in The Pen- ( Expr.) This saying is very familiar to anyone who has spent time in jail (i.e. "The Pen"), or knows someone who has. Many times, someone who has spent a substantial amount of time in jail finds themselves unable to cope with how the "real world" works. They will frequently take offense to a person's doing things that, in jail, would be criminal offenses demanding that the offending person be shanked or anally raped for committing in their presence. So therefore, they will use this expression... A LOT.

Ex: You know what; he couldn'tve did that shit if we was in the pen. Boyyyyyyy, if we was in the pen i'da beat that boy head in.


Anonymous said...

I knew I could smell Louisiana on ya post. Supahead iz my girl too. I love her schemes and can't wait for her book 2 drop Sept 25! I just passin thru my blog iz gonna be tight like yourz(yurz)As soon as I figure out how to operate the damn thang. Im tryin to put in Int'i playas anthem screwed n chopped in it but I got to wait for my homegirl to come back and do it. I probably posted this on the wrong thang. Take care Pimpin!

The Doc said...

Personally, I ain't feelin' Supahead no more. I really believed that ish she was spouting about being a victim, not knowing Irv an'nem didn't really care about her as a person, and only wanted her for sex.

Now I see she has ANOTHER book out, where she's bragging about little Wayne and Jamie Foxx.

*sigh* Karrine, dear, if you REALLY had a problem, this is what they in the field would call a REGRESSION.

I see her for what she is now. I ain't sayin' she a golddigger, but you know the rest. ;)