Monday, April 28, 2008

A'ight, y'all...

I'ma eat my words on that one. Plies' "Real Testament" to date, has NOT gone platinum. (Hey, these are predictions, not actual science. I can be wrong here.) He did, however, go Gold, which in today's market is an achievement in and of itself. I failed to factor in the average Plies fan, or at the very least his targeted fanbase. I think Tru Life said it best: "Make songs for the [women], that'll get you on top. Do songs for the thugs, bootleggin' won't stop." Plies' fanbase, so-called "d-boys", "thugs", "goons" or what have you, are a lot more likely to buy a bootleg of his album than the actual item itself. I'm inclined to say his followup will either match or best The Real Testament's success, but i'm not betting on the spending power of "goons" again.

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