Sunday, May 25, 2008

This Comedian is the Future...

I can't say enough about Deon Cole. Mark my words, this guy is going to be HUGE in the future. Just like way back when, when I was watching Dave Chappelle and thinking, "This guy's funny as hell; he's going to be a big star someday," I can see that Deon Cole is going to be huge.

There's a certain genius in his bits too. Let's be honest, a lot of times really intelligent black comedians have a very hard time getting over with black audiences. Unless you're telling booty jokes or talking about somebody's momma's nappy hair, a lot of times black audiences will give you the cold shoulder. ("Black Thai." Haha!!!) So the way he uses his notebook to denote the jokes that aren't working is a way to use intelligent humor for those who get it, and still poke fun at it for those who don't.

His delivery brings to mind alternative comics like Steven Wright and Mitch Hedburg. (R.I.P.-- I was waiting for Mitch to become "The Future", but he died first. Too soon, too soon. He was destined for great things. A true genius.)

Plus, really smart black comedy is just a breath of fresh air, you know. I'm tired of comedians pandering to the basest instincts. I don't knock them for it, because i've seen what happens when black comedians try intelligent humor. (They get slaughtered on The Apollo. Comedians in general get slaughtered there, but intelligent comics get massacred.) Which is ironic considering this's the place that exposed us to people like Redd Foxx and Paul Mooney, but that's a whole 'nother blog post.

Anyway, Deon Cole is the future of black comedy.

But man I been sayin'...

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