Saturday, June 2, 2007

And now a message from one of our sponsors...

Hoodie hoo, whodie! Are you tired of gettin' no love from the ladies? Do you always live for bitches and blunts and not weed and money? Does the ghetto have you crazy, and you think your momma needs to pray for her baby? Well, get a whiff of the dirty souf', playa and you'll be fresher than a l'il bit, l'il daddy, ya heard me?

Try Whodi, the exciting new fragrance by Master P. Whodi, for the discerning cologne connoisseur who drives Hummers on 38's, sits on golden turlet seats and enjoys the subtle flavor of eggs and luncheon meat.

Master P. Cologne... Now you too can smell like P.

We salute Master P. Cologne, proud sponsor of MIBS.

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