Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just Cuz I Feel Like It...

My Favorite Video of All Time, by my Favorite Group of All Time

dpz, RBG's stand up. Heh, can you believe they actually played this on BET? Post 9/11, this almost looks like footage stolen from an insurgent training camp. Ha. Love the African martial arts segments.

And for my dpz fans out there, they have a new album called "Information Age" that should be out in November. (Around election time, coincidentally enough. I'll have something to space out to while celebrating the inauguration of Obama's presidency.:^J) Here's what's funny. I'm signed up for their mailing list, but I had to go to Wikipedia to even find out about this. C'mon, guys. You should have someone who's on stuff like this.

dead prez The Columbia
Records site that seems to never get updated, and is for all practical purposes broken. Still good for a few pics, some other stuff. (Are they even still *With* Columbia?) The site for DP'z indy label, "Boss Up Records", that has, to date, *NO* mention of a new album. C'mon, y'all.


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