Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trick Daddy vs. Plies

There was a post on "That Bitch's" Rhymes With Snitch awhile back about a supposed altercation between Trick Daddy and Plies. Mysteriously, there's been little to no more mention of said incident. I was starting to wonder if it was only a rumor. However, I couldn't help but notice that on a recent video from World Hip Hop Trick has a few choice comments for his fellow Florida mc. And also, do remember Trick recently left Slip-N-Slide to form his own "Dunk Riders" label.

Now, i'm not saying this proves the rumor about the fight, but it certainly does lend it more credibility. The vibe i'm getting is that the vet Slip-N-Slide frontman, Trick takes except to young up 'n' comer Plies taking what was once his spot as the label's golden boy. The plot thickens.


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