Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quote of the Day...

Batman Begins/The Dark Knight
director Christopher Nolan

"Nolan sums up his hypocritical approach to Batman nicely by saying he would never do The Penguin because he feels the character is too unrealistic for his world. A big fat capital FUCK....YOU!!! You're telling me that bullshit acid trip fucking Scarecrow crock of shit was realistic?!! You hypocritical, boring, talentless FUCK!! You can't pick and choose whatever the fuck you want to be considered "REALISTIC". The Penguin is a fucking criminal kingpin. The depiction of him as a deformed creature was entirely Burton's creation. You're telling me a short fat fucking criminal boss is too unrealistic for your world Nolan?!! EAT AIDS YOU PATHETIC CUNT!!"

A poster from "Ain't It Cool News", talking about Christopher Nolan's decision to never use The Penguin in his bat-flicks. (Which is actually news to me, but anyhoo...)


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