Friday, June 6, 2008

Open Letter to Cory Gunz's Record Label *

Cory Gunz is generating/will continue to generate significant buzz due to his appearance on Lil Wayne's Carter 3. (HUGE props to Wayne, can't say this enough, for putting Young Gunna on wax with him. Not a lot of mc's who'd even do that; help the next man get on, especially somebody who so willfully almost murders you on your own ish.) Gunz killed it on here. One of the rules of power states that you never outshine the master. But Gunz takes no prisoners on this track and pretty much hijacks it from Wayne. (He can't help it; he's just nice as a mofo.) Now would be the perfect time to prep "The Commencement", his first official studio album, for release. Don't squander the opportunity like Atlantic did with Saigon. (When he got the role on Entourage, the album should've been lined up and ready to go.) Look at the buzz CG has generated. And remember, this is just with those who are net savvy enough to have already heard the song. There's quite a few people who still haven't. Just wait until the album comes out, and layfans hear young Cor mass murder the track. That's the kind of publicity you just can't buy.

And he goes in again, with Jadakiss, and murders it again.

Put the man out, please. You like money, don't you? Yah, I thought so. It'd be the perfect opportunity to piggy back Wayne's success, and would guarantee Gunz at least a gold album, which would be enough to at least get his foot in the door. Once people hear his talent, the rest will be easy.

Will it be done? I doubt it.

But man I been sayin...

* As far as I know, Cory recently announced he'd left Def Jam, so I don't know who has him signed now. If he's a free agent, someone, ANYBODY!!!, step in, sign him and put out the album. Or hell, maybe he could just put it out independent. Probably be a smarter move anyway. Just put the album out, A.S.A.P. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity here.


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